Other recordings

The Lambs on the Green Hills

I sang this at a session in The Star recently and Mr Punch decided it would be a good idea to record it. I learned it so long ago that I have forgotten my teacher. Sorry.  I am told it is a version of 'The False Bride' and I'd guess that its provenence is Scottish.  I have done my best with the 'wee lassie' line and hope it doesn't sound too corny. So many of the motifs in this song appear elsewhere, the deep flower strewn grave of the spurned lover, the strawberries growing on the ocean.  In another song the ships sail the forest with the same logic as the strawberries growing on the sea.  Maybe I have learned a stranger than strange version. 

The Silver Dagger

This track appeared on Tony Doddery's lovely album 'Rolling Hills and Running Water' Toned records. The song is traditional. Tony is playing guitar, Henry Seers is on Fiddle and Mike Vince on percussion.