The Campfire Walz

When Johny said meet me

Where the creek gives the rise,

He'd a slide to his hips

And fire in his eyes.

I'm glad he remembered my name.

It's his wild words that won me

When he said I'd be dressed,

In stars and the night,

I felt I'd been blessed.

I'm not looking for someone to blame.

If he stole those sweet words,

He never took nothing from me,

When I'm with my Johny

I'm free like a bee,

I know he'll go South all the same.

But one night with Johny

Sweet flowers they hung on the breeze,

I soaked up his songs

'neath the sycamore trees.

My happy heart, a flickering flame.

In the light all his fine words

Were gone but I swear,

Love stuck in his throat,

like a long lost prayer,

Adrift in the air as he whispered my name.